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Quality Aircraft Accessories stocks the full range of aircraft oil coolers for both general aviation and helicopter applications. We also stock a variety of hard-to-find aircraft oil coolers for vintage aircraft.

If you prefer to have your aircraft oil cooler serviced, our role as the exclusive distributor for Ametek/Drake Air allows us to provide you with a range of repair options including Nu-Matrix core replacement, a cost savings alternative to buying a new aircraft oil cooler.

Ametek/Drake Air built its foundation around the General Aviation industry, and supports all general aviation aircraft types with extensive capabilities for Aircraft Oil Coolers, Aircraft Oil Sump Pans, Rear Accessory Cases, Aircraft Oil Pump Housings and Aircraft Alternator Drive Couplings.

Browse our selection of Aircraft Oil Coolers at our online store. If you need assistance in finding the right Aircraft Oil Cooler for you, call us 1-877-833-6948 or

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to speak with a QAA representative.

What are Aircraft Oil Coolers?

Aircraft oil coolers are responsible for maintaining oil temperatures while the engine is running. If the oil present does not require cooling a thermostatic valve will reroute the oil back through the system. Proper aircraft oil cooler function is vital to the system and can greatly affect the performance of your aircraft.

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