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Quality Aircraft Accessories repairs, overhauls, and exchanges general aviation aircraft engine accessories and aircraft components.

As an FAA repair station (FAA Repair Station #QYIR334Y) with EASA approval, and a full-service aircraft accessories distributor, we have the ability to provide you with a full range of options for your aircraft accessories and components. Whether it's technical service provided by one of our tenured airplane mechanics, same day overhaul of your engine accessory, or a new component from one of the many manufacturers we represent, Quality Aircraft Accessories has you covered.

Aircraft Magnetos

QAA has a wide selection of Aircraft Magnetos available in our E-Store.

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Hartzell Engine Technologies Appoints Quality Aircraft Accessories as a Recommended Service Facility for Turbochargers and Turbosystem Components.

As an RSF, QAA guarantees the following:

1) QAA possesses and conducts all work in accordance with the most recent HET’s component maintenance manual.
2) Maintenance personnel are factory trained.
3) Only genuine HET detail parts are used in the overhaul process. No PMA parts.
4) Product liability insurance is maintained and covers all work accomplished.

The most significant benefit of being approved as an RSF is that QAA is guaranteed to receive the lowest cost in the industry for the detail parts required to repair/overhaul your turbocharger, wastegate, controller and pressure relief valves.

Turbochargers can now be overhauled more economically, without having to replace them with a factory rebuilt unit from Aviall.

QAA can now offer you the full range of options from an inspection to a limited repair, to overhaul, or if you prefer, a factory rebuilt unit.

QAA’s extensive core pool allows us to make turbochargers, wastegates, controllers, and pressure relief valves available on an exchange basis.

For more information or to shop aircraft turbo system components, please click the links below.

Aircraft Turbochargers

Aircraft Wastegates

Aircraft Controllers

Aircraft Pressure Relief Valves

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  • 05-Dec-2013 - Quality Aircraft Accessories Acquires InterAv Alternator Product Line
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